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    Dominique Betancourt

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    Your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and you look at your phone with your first thoughts, “Is my flight on time?  Any delays I should know about?” Without an app to keep you up to date you may not have answers to those questions. That’s where the NEW CWT To Go, powered by Worldmate, comes in to save the day!

    It has the essential features that itinerary apps will offer for a price, but as a CWT supported traveler you get status alerts on flight delays, gate changes, baggage claim areas, and more for free! In addition, it has a unique check-in feature that seamlessly pulls in elements such as the record locator for you. Check out this WorldMate video for a sneak peek.

    More importantly, there are other elements of your trip, such as hotel and car, which your favorite airline’s app may not help you manage. CWT To Go will combine all the pieces of your itinerary, and as long you booked those elements of your trip with CWT, it will sync seamlessly into the app shortly after booking.

    But maybe you’re going on a vacation or have an element of your trip you want to include? No problem, forward your itinerary with plans@cwttogo.com and it will appear in the app almost instantly!

    tap-to-hotel2It doesn’t stop there with additional NEW features like:

    • Tap for directions to the hotel
    • Tap for directors back to the car rental location
    • Tap to call car vendor or hotel
    • Ability to edit and name itineraries
    • Local search for restaurants (powered by Yelp)
    • Currency converter
    • Tip calculator

    It also gives you an easy way to see current and past trips. One user commented that she was able to use this feature to determine how many days she was in a particular country, for tax purposes.

    Want to see more? Download the app and see for yourself all of the benefits other travelers have experienced at Google Play, Blackberry World, and iTunes.

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