• Traveling to Toronto

    Vicky Laflamme
    Toronto, often called ‘Traw-no’ by the locals, is a waterfront city that continues to grow by leaps and bounds both in business and culture.  As I contemplated what to focus on for this edition of my latest blog, I discovered a lot of great background information for travelers about the city that already exists on the internet.  For example, check out this great BBC article on what to expect when coming to Toronto.

    Iconic CN Tower in Toronto Skyline Photo Credit: Marcus Obal (Wikimedia Commons)

    From my personal perspective, I can add that it’s often hard to find time on any business trip to explore a city—but in Toronto, you can.  And it’s easy.

    Toronto is served by two airports: Toronto Pearson International Airport, and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.  Be sure to verify which airport you are flying in and out of, and be sure to check out the airport websites before your trip: 

    640px-King_Street_Toronto_2007 John Vetterli

    Restaurants on King Street in Toronto
    Photo credit: John Vetterli (Wikimedia Commons)

    Toronto Boardwalk John Vetterli

    Toronto’s Beaches and Boardwalks
    Photo Credit: John Vetterli (Wikimedia Commons)


    Toronto Island Ferry Xavier Snelgrove

    Toronto Island Ferry
    Photo credit: Xavier Snelgrove (Wikimedia Commons)

    When you arrive, the first thing you’ll likely see is the iconic CN tower embedded in the skyline.  But you’ll also notice almost immediately that Toronto is a city built on cultural diversity.  This is reflected in businesses, in the vast array of cultural restaurants to choose from, in the choice of shopping, diversity of live music options (check out  the outdoor Molson Amphitheater in the summer months), sports teams (home to Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays) and general sight-seeing and people-watching.  

    Personally, my favorite things to do in the city include eating on King Street’s ‘Restaurant Row,’ heading to the ‘Beach’ for a walk along the boardwalk, jumping the Toronto Island Ferry or checking out Little Italy….all easy to do in an evening, or take a little extra time to explore for the day!

     If your travels bring you to Toronto and you can find some personal time to explore the city, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Jacob Marlfoyle says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to one that fits my schedule, and at a cool destination. Definitely like the idea of going with like-minded folks. I know that if I were to go, I’d want to see, and do as much as possible while I’m there and meeting all the folks.