• A little travel etiquette goes a long way …

    Michelle Hamilton
    Whether you are a constant globetrotter or occasionally take a trip for pleasure or business, it’s always best to be aware of travel etiquette.

    Luckily, in this age of widespread internet access, finding information on this subject is easy.

    Global Travel

    Let’s start by looking at travel etiquette on a global basis. Here’s one of my favorite resources: www.traveletiquette.co.uk.  When you visit this site, you’ll notice that you can find etiquette information by continent, then by country, and in some cases, even by state.

    Customs vary greatly from country to country, so plan ahead. Before traveling abroad, be sure to read about normal behavior and dress codes for your destinations.  Doing so will allow you to pack the right clothing, dress appropriately, and save you from potentially—yet inadvertently—offending people at the location you are visiting.

    Tipping in restaurants and hotels also varies widely by locale.  Studying local practices before you leave home will prepare you to handle payment in these venues with confidence.

    Air Travel

    If your journey involves air travel, observing a few basic practices will smooth the way for your own comfort as well as the comfort of everyone around you.

    • Security check points
      • Be prepared. Have your ID and boarding pass immediately available for inspection
      • Pack liquids/gel products in only allowed sizes and in a quart sized, clear plastic bag
      • Be polite and follow the instructions from the screeners, they are there for your safety


    • Onboard an aircraft
      • When boarding, if possible, step into your row to stow articles, allowing others to continue down the aisle of the plane
      • Place luggage in overhead bins, and smaller belongings under the seat in front of you
      • Don’t store your items in the under-seat area  in front of someone else’s seat
      • Remember armrests are shared.  If you have an aisle or window seat, use the outermost armrest and allow the person in the middle seat to enjoy an armrest too.
      • When listening to media on a headset, adjust  the volume so it is audible only for you
      • Follow crew instructions and complete the boarding process quickly. Everyone suffers inconvenience if some passengers delay departure.


    So plan ahead, be prepared, and follow good travel manners.  You’ll be glad you did—and so will your fellow travelers.   

    Do you have other travel etiquette tips to share or sites on this topic you frequent?  If so, we’d love to hear your comments.

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