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    Back in June, we talked about a renaissance in the airport dining landscape—one that is moving slowly away from fast food and chain restaurants to providing more options with local flavor.

    It’s an exciting time to be a foodie on-the-go, and this week we’re focusing on new culinary developments at the San Diego International and Baltimore Washington International airports. Next time you find yourself with a layover or early arrival, check in to a table before (or after) your flight for some not-so-ordinary airport dining.

    • Phil's B.B.Q.  (Photo courtesy of San Diego International Airport's Flickr account.)

      Phil’s B.B.Q.
      (Photo courtesy of San Diego International Airport’s Flickr account.)

      San Diego International—In a recent article on new trends in airport dining, CNBC.com used San Diego’s renewed focus on locally-driven dining options as a prime example of how far airport dining has come in just a few years. And for good reason—SAN’s long-term plan has already produced great options like Bubbles Wine and Tapas Bar, and local craft house Stone Brewery Company. Those looking for a quick sandwich fix can also find good burgers at Seaside Stack Shack and the legendary local barbecue of Phil’s BBQ. The majority of new options can currently be found at Terminal 2 West, with more popping up in other terminals in the coming months.

    • Obrycki’s at BWI. (Photo courtesy of Obrycki’s website)

      Obrycki’s at BWI.
      (Photo courtesy of Obrycki’s website)

      Baltimore Washington International—BWI was one of the first airports to make a renewed effort in introducing more local selections to hungry travelers. Here, crab is definitely king—and your only way to dine on local favorite Obrycki’s crab-centric menu is at BWI. Or for a great selection of all the other fruits of the sea, Phillip’s Seafood also has a wide offering of fresh fish, lobster, and more. The Greene Turtle provides the steak-y “turf” to meet their “surf”. And if you find yourself at BWI around breakfast time, their installment of the popular Chipotle chain actually serves breakfast! One of the very few locations to do this. Stop in starting at 5:00 a.m. any day.

    Do you travel through SAN or BWI often? What are some of your favorite eats at either location? Let us know in the comments below!

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