• Staying productive on the road

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    Whether by smartphone, tablet or the increasingly scarce laptop, today’s business traveler is both at the benefit and at the mercy of today’s technology. These gadgets make it easy to stay productive on the road, but can shut you down completely if they aren’t connected or charged. We’ve gathered some easy tips to help you stay on top of your game while you’re out on the road!

    Constant connectivity

    The World Wide Web is usually just a click away. Airports, airplanes, hotels, public locations, and even some taxis have wifi now. And to supplement those rare moments when you don’t have access to an establishment’s wifi, invest in a mobile hotspot. You’ll never be offline, and can even share the power with any co-workers you may be traveling with.

    87786020Staying charged

    That mobile hotspot of yours isn’t going to do you any good if your tablet has 5% battery life left. Many airports now have sponsored charging stations, but if you find yourself in one that doesn’t, just keep an eye out for outlets under your chair, along the walls, or even in the bathrooms. Better yet—bring a power strip and make some friends who may need to take advantage of a lone-outlet as well. Outlets can also be found in-flight on some seats these days, so take a look at your plane’s seat features before takeoff.

    When technology fails

    It’s a fact of life—technology will fail you at some point when you need it most. It may seem obvious, but be prepared for this by saving presentations to flashdrives in case your computer crashes, and by taping your company’s tech support phone number to your laptop in case you run into computer issues while traveling.

    What easy tips and tricks do you have to making sure you’re as productive as possible while traveling?

    Safe travels!


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