• Remember: Set your clocks back

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    a small retro clockAs a reminder, in North America this is the weekend in which we set our clocks back one hour and get that extra hour of sleep that was so cruelly ripped from us in March. That is, unless you are in Arizona, Saskatchewan or Sonora, which do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

    As we noted earlier in the week, Europe changed time this past Sunday, so your offset with European counterparts may change once again.

    Here’s an idea to think about while we’re talking about time zones, however: Does the U.S. mainland require four time zones in this day and age? Allison Schrager wrote recently that the U.S. should drop Daylight Savings Time and cut down from four to two time zones.

    Whether or not you believe that should be done, it’s an interesting reminder of how we got to having time zones in the first place, as well as a discussion of the various issues involved. Meanwhile, if you’re traveling this weekend, perhaps this is the weekend for a manual alarm clock. I never trust my phone to wake me properly for a Sunday morning flight when the time changes.

    Safe travels!



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