• The mega-airports of the future

    Al Maktoum International Airport

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    If you think lugging a rollerbag through Atlanta or O’Hare is a workout, wait until you fly through one of these airports.

    This handful of airports, in such far-flung places as Dubai, Doha and Beijing, are in various stages of planning. Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai is already open, while Beijing Daxing International Airport is just open fields.

    Picture nine runways and who knows how many gates, plus a 30-minute high-speed rail line into the city. This, folks, is the future, at least in the Middle East and Asia. None of these matches Atlanta’s traffic yet but if the projected traffic materializes for these markets, they will before long.

    The list:

    • Incheon International Airport
    • Bao’an International Terminal 3
    • Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal
    • Hamad International Airport
    • Beijing Daxing International Airport
    • Al Maktoum International Airport

    Check out the full report with photos at Gizmodo.

    Meanwhile, especially for those traveling for holidays this week, happy and safe travels!



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