• CWT’s challenge to travel managers

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    Every year we survey travel managers to find out what they’re focused on for the coming year. That is the basis for a study we put out in January of each year called the Travel Management Priorities. But when you talk to nearly 1,000 travel managers, there’s a lot to learn, and we want to share that information with you.

    We are sure everyone is rushing to get things finished by the holidays, so we’re not issuing some whitepaper or lengthy study. We’ve boiled this down to some key points, and if you’re looking for new ways to generate savings or develop your mobile strategy or redesign your travel program, we’ve got ideas for you in Business Travel Management in 2014.

    David Moran, CWT’s executive vice president, Global Marketing & Enterprise Strategy, says: “It’s going to be an exciting challenge as travel managers look to marry up the consumerization of business travel, including the ever-increasing use of mobile apps, with money saving opportunities. We’re working on new products and services to help them do just that.”

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