• How to inspire loyalty among your travelers


    Loyalty is important. That’s why we all collect our miles and our hotel points. Travel managers know this well, because the traveler knows it’s in his or her best interests to do so.

    While a travel manager certainly has some tools in their toolbox to enforce compliance, wouldn’t it be better if you could inspire compliance?

    As a travel manager, think of your relationship with your own manager. Wouldn’t you rather be inspired by your manager to get something done, rather than required to do so? All the guides to being a great manager point in that direction.

    You don’t want an adversarial relationship with your manager, and surely you don’t want one with your travelers. (And your travelers don’t want one with you, either.) But here’s the problem: All the tools in the standard travel programs aimed at compliance are on the adversarial side of the fence.

    To fix that, what you need is a way to reward travelers for making decisions that are better for the company.

    Now, we can hear you thinking. (Or saying, if you’re talking out loud to your browser.) “I expect them to make good decisions already.” But there’s more than one way to make a good decision. Wouldn’t the company be even better off if your travelers made the best possible decision, not for themselves, but the company? The problem is, the siren call of the hotel points or status on a preferred airline (especially this time of year) is really strong.

    You need to overcome that. Give the traveler an incentive to make the best possible decision. Make it in their best interest as well as yours.

    That’s what we’re talking about this month in CWT Vision. We refer to it as traveler gamification. Reward the traveler the way their preferred airline or hotel would. Some decisions might only be worth a badge or some non-tangible (but public) recognition, while some might be worth a hotel room upgrade or even an extra vacation day. Wouldn’t that be worth it to you to get a traveler to sit in economy on a long haul?

    Check out all the intel from CWT Solutions Group in this month’s Vision. See how a little incentive can lift your travelers from compliance to super compliance. And game on.

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