• Top CWT Savvy Traveler posts of 2013

    Patrick Coleman
    While we’ve been looking forward to 2014, the end of the calendar year is also a time to look back at the previous year. For those of us here at CWT Savvy Traveler, it’s been a busy year of planning for our next phase while still publishing content of interest to travelers and travel managers alike.

    Here’s a look at the top five stories of 2013 on CWT Savvy Traveler:

    1. American Airlines-US Airways merger: Patience needed

    US Airways and American Airlines

    (US Airways photo)

    In February, we wrote: “Until the specific details of the merger agreement are provided, the implications of this announcement are speculative at best.” It took a long time for the merger to even be approved and we are still waiting for details, but anytime airlines merge, there’s a traveler impact.

    A previous story, about the United-Continental merger, discusses the pros and cons of airline mergers and still has relevance today, while a more recent story on the American-US Airways merger talks about its likely unexpected effect on airfare prices.

    2. Caribbean Getaways

    “Ah … to feel the warm breeze of the Caribbean air, hear the sound of breaking waves, and feel the soft sand between your toes as you stroll along one of the many fabulous beaches. The Caribbean offers an experience that simply can’t be beat.”

    A post from last January seems just as apropos today, while North America is in the dead of winter. Cindy Nelson wrote about three Caribbean hotspots: Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas and the Cayman Islands.

    Another destination post that drew a lot of interest this year also features nice, warm weather: Huatulco, Mexico.

    3. Airport Tips ‘n’ Tricks: Chicago O’Hare

    Airport Tips & Tricks logoAnother one in our series of airport guides for travelers, and you can see more in the series by clicking the logo at right. Dominique Betancourt wrote about her home airport, Chicago O’Hare, with tips for flying out of ORD, flying in, as well as tips for those changing planes and continuing on.

    Written in 2012 but also popular in 2013 was our post on airport tips for Atlanta, primarily because the NCAA Final Four was hosted in Atlanta this past April.

    4. International etiquette

    “When traveling abroad, language is typically the most common barrier.  But what happens when you’ve said nothing, yet still managed to offend your international hosts? We’ve compiled a list of a few cultural nuances you’ll want to be aware of to make your next trip abroad an easier one!”

    This particular post includes tips about Brazil, Korea, Latin America and Greece.

    5. Meet a Road Warrior: Janet Wheatley

    Click the logo above for more Road Warrior interviews.

    Click the logo above for more Road Warrior interviews.

    Our Road Warrior series has focused on frequent travelers and their tips for the rest of us. Janet, who travels 45-50 times per year, by her estimation, talked about her must-have items, including her minimergency kit, and her travel tips.

    Other Road Warrior interviews from this past year include Carol Margolis of Smart Women Travelers, Brandon Balcom, Sherry Saunders and Brian Crowley-Koch.

    We’re looking forward to bigger and better in 2014 — thanks for spending some of your clicks on us in 2013!

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