• TSA to open first PreCheck application center in Indy

    Indianapolis International Airport (IND photo)

    Indianapolis International Airport (IND photo)

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    The Transportation Security Administration announced Tuesday that its first Pre✓™ application center would open Wednesday, Dec. 4, in Indianapolis.

    Indianapolis isn’t among the most-traveled destinations in the U.S. However, more passengers will have an opportunity to do the required in-person work in the New York City, Washington and Los Angeles areas by the end of 2013, with more than 300 application sites to be available across the country by the time it’s fully rolled out, according to the TSA’s announcement.

    Washington Dulles airport was originally announced as an application center site in July, so expect to see more information about that site opening soon.

    Passengers will be able to pre-enroll online, then visit an application center in person to complete a background interview, provide fingerprints and valid I.D. Here’s a list of acceptable forms of ID, from the TSA site.

    The application fee remains as previously announced ($85) and the Known Traveler Number you would receive on successful enrollment will be good for five years.

    And you remember PreCheck: That’s the service that would allow you to ability to keep your shoes, belt and light coat on through the security checkpoint, keep your laptop in its bag, and your liquids in a 3-1-1 bag in your carry-on.

    Sample boarding pass with PreCheck logo (United Airlines photo)

    Sample boarding pass with PreCheck logo (United Airlines image)

    Being enrolled in PreCheck is not a guarantee you would sail through security every time, because the TSA will still employ randomness as a security measure. But if you’ve ever watched people sail through that line, you know what the symbol on your boarding pass gets you — a little taste of air travel pre-2001.

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