• Creeping closer to phone calls in flight

    phoneThe Federal Communications Commission has published its proposal to allow voice calls and text messaging in flight.

    According to the proposal summary: “These rule changes would give airlines, subject to applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DoT) rules, the choice of whether to enable mobile communications services using an Airborne Access System and, if so, which specific services to enable.”

    The publication of this proposal officially opens a 30-day period for public comment. To file an official comment with the FCC, follow the instructions on their site.

    Whether any airlines will allow voice calls is yet to be determined. This follows the FAA’s recent decision to allow passengers to use electronic devices in airplane mode from gate to gate, something U.S. airlines were quick to implement.

    We’ve already heard plenty of your reaction on this, and it’s not clear which airlines would offer voice service, or how many people might want to use it. What would you do?

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