• Travel savings tips for entrepreneurs

    “Most entrepreneurs are already very savvy in trying to get the best deal,” CWT’s Joel Wartgow points out in a recent Financial Post article. And that’s certainly true. But we are here to serve the savviest among you — it’s in our name, after all.

    We know you know the basics. You can get some of the advanced-level course material by reading some of our Road Warrior interviews. But Joel has some tips that can be of use not just to entrepreneurs, but to all business travelers (and leisure travelers as well). Here’s what he told writer¬†Camilla Cornell:

    • Book your hotel right away to realize discounted or promotional rates that may not be available closer to your arrival date
    • Buy non-refundable air tickets (only a 15-20% chance most trips get cancelled)
    • Purchase air 2-3 weeks in advance of travel
    • Consider nearby airports (for example, Fort Lauderdale may be a better option than Miami International)

    By the way, you may also recognize Carol Margolis from the Financial Post story. We got more of her take on travel in a Road Warrior interview last summer.

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