• Meetings & events trends: How are you doing?

    Let’s go to the whiteboard for a second and review our points of emphasis for 2014 in Meetings & Events:


    And as a reminder, let’s break them down, one by one.

    meetings-events-trends-define-the-goal Clearly set out the goal of your meeting as well as how the meeting’s effectiveness will be measured.
    meetings-events-trends-book-in-advance Book at least 45 days out for the best availability and price for smaller meetings. Book further out for larger meetings or for ones with unique requirements.
    meetings-events-trends-broaden-approach-v3 Consider secondary cities, alternative dates and midscale hotels that might deliver more for your budget.
    meetings-events-trends-invest-attendees-v2 Take the savings you earn from better overall meetings and events management and put it back to creative elements and attendee experience so they leave with both great memories and increased motivation to accomplish your goals.
    meetings-events-trends-negotiate-spend Go beyond the rooms and meeting space. Negotiate on food and beverage, audio/visual support, connectivity, business center charges and other miscellaneous items.
    meetings-events-trends-big-picture Understand external factors and how they impact M&E suppliers and, ultimately, you. Example include economic indicators such as gross domestic product and inflation, as well as major events such as the FIFA World Cup.

    How are you doing with your goals for 2014? What’s working for you?

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