• What’s in it for travelers to comply?

    game-on-337x219“A good way of getting through to travelers is to address what’s in it for them to comply,” advises Vincent Lebunetel, Vice President of Corporate Innovation, Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

    “The use of various gamification tactics has found momentum in managed travel, unlocking the next level of traveler loyalty and compliance with gaming techniques.”

    To support travel buyers looking to improve traveler engagement, CWT Solutions Group has developed a gamification consulting and technology offering that will soon be available to clients.

    Here Lebunetel and his team offer practical advice on how travel buyers can use gamification to engage travelers in new and interesting ways.

    What is gamification?

    Gamification is about making a game out of a non-game environment to get people to behave in a certain way. It’s about getting them fully engaged with a product or process. It’s not a new concept; in fact we’ve all grown up with forms of gamification. For instance, children are encouraged to learn to swim by offering a badge and certificate when certain distances are completed.

    Vincent Lebunetel takes a deeper dive into gamification in this Q&A.

    For more information on gamification techniques and CWT Solutions Group’s gamification consulting and technology offering, please contact your CWT representative.

    Ensure relevance for all. Gaming isn’t relevant only for a specific group of employees; the majority of human beings are motivated by recognition, reward and friendly competition.

    Know what you want to improve. Identify the particular behaviors that have the potential to drive the greatest benefit to the program, and set goals around the desired amount of improvement over a period of time. Then, work with a consultancy, such as the CWT Solutions Group, to deploy the gaming tactics that will best drive the desired behaviors.

    Focus on the traveler. Many compliance improvement efforts of the past have focused primarily on what’s in it for the company. While accomplishing company goals is obviously the primary focus, use this new platform to frame the discussion on what’s in it for the traveler.

    Understand suppliers’ activities. Many travel suppliers, including airlines, have shifted their loyalty programs to reward travelers for spending more. In the past, travelers earned the same number of miles for the same flight, regardless of what they paid. Today, travelers increasingly earn larger awards in accordance with how much they spend on their ticket.

    Super compliance

    The term used to describe when a traveler makes the most desirable choice for the organization when faced with two or more decisions that are all considered to be in compliance with the travel program.

    And how to respond. As suppliers begin awarding travelers for spending more, you may wish to counteract this with equally attractive rewards. The greater the “personal cost” to the traveler of being loyal to the program rather than to their favorite supplier, the more tangible the reward from the organization must be. Gaming offers a variety of options to accomplish this.

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