• Five times to call a travel counselor

    Michelle Hamilton
    Traveler Services-landscape-medMost modern travelers are well versed in searching for flights, car rentals and hotels these days, so who really needs a travel counselor anymore? You might just find that a well placed call could save you both time and money!

    If your travel plans are flexible and you are looking for the lowest fare
    Most airline websites will give you the lowest fare for the specific parameters you provide, but the resulting fare may not be the lowest fare available on that airline.

    For instance, let’s say on an airline website you indicate you want to travel on a Monday at 7 p.m. from point A to point B at the lowest fare.  Well, the response you receive will be the lowest fare for travel at that time. What it won’t say is how much lower your fare could be if you switch your departure to Tuesday morning. Travel counselors have access to the lowest fares and the rules for those fares, so they can advise you what adjustments could be made to your travel plans.

    Flying to a destination serviced by multiple airports
    If flying to Washington, D.C., should you fly into Reagan National, Dulles or BWI? That decision could impact your fare. In a similar way, what if your destination is southern California? Should you fly into LAX, Burbank, Long Beach or Orange County? A small difference in the actual ground distance from the airport to your final destination might save you a lot of money.

    Last-minute bookings and emergencies
    Everyone has faced emergencies or last-minute trips when time is of the essence and tensions are high. At moments like this, a seasoned professional can step in to take a load off your mind. Stress reduction under these circumstances is priceless!

    When inclement weather could impact your travel
    Are you planning a ski trip during the winter or a beach trip when summer thunderstorms are common? Book your trip with a travel counselor. Why, you may ask? The simple answer is: flight cancellations.

    If your flight is cancelled, one call to your travel counselor can have your reservation rebooked and your ticket reissued in a heartbeat. That way you can enjoy online or kiosk check-in with no need for a stop by the ticket counter. Your travel counselor will also reschedule hotel reservations and car rentals.

    International itineraries
    On some international itineraries, using one European airport vs. another can have a major impact on your fare. Travel counselors can be oh-so-valuable whether planning to cross the border or cross the pond. Take advantage of their expertise to help you obtain the best airfare, make arrangements for necessary visas, possibly purchase rail passes, and in some cases, advise on needed immunizations.

    Our web-based world allows us to explore travel opportunities in more ways than we ever dreamed, but don’t forget that one of your options  — Your Travel Counselor — is still one of the best deals around!

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