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    Dominique Betancourt
    Have you ever heard of the word peripatetic?  It’s an excellent adjective that describes our featured traveler today, Stephanie DeNote. Last year alone she flew 147,000 miles in 150 days.  You want to talk to a frequent and savvy traveler?  Well, we got you one of the best!

    Dominique: What do you always have to have with you when you fly?
    Top ones for me are: Bose headphones, a Travel Candle for relaxing in hotel, and a small travel fan for background noise. When I travel internationally, I always bring snacks–because there are times you can’t find anything to eat. For example, in France there’s not a lot open on a Sunday night–so you can go to bed hungry if you’re not careful!

    Dominique: Worst airport?
    Stephanie: 1. JFK before the renovation–the old airport was the worst! 2. Chicago O’Hare: There are not many places to sit down and eat in the B and C concourses.  Plus, for some reason it always feels like there is a 90% chance of being delayed there for some reason.

    Stephanie DeNote

    Dominique: Have you sat next to or seen anyone famous on your plane?
    You would think flying out of LA as much as I do I would see a lot more celebrities, but not so much.  Most notable for me has been Brian Austin-Green and Megan Fox, and I once stood in line with Andrew Zimmern.

    Dominique: What was your scariest moment on a plane?
    When you fly a lot, you get used to bumps and shaking here and there–but one memorable flight for me was MSP-Chicago. Out of nowhere, the plane took a nosedive, and drinks flew on the floor. People were scared. It lasted less than 30 seconds, but made quite a mess.  The pilot came on and said “sorry about that, drinks on us!” I think it might have occurred while training a new pilot.

    Dominique: What advice would you give North American-based travelers using a mobile device in Europe?
    Stephanie: The key is to set up the right data plan and pay attention to your usage:

    1. Get your data plan squared away before you go.
    2. Text first, call only in emergencies. Make sure you keep track of texting, especially if you have a limited number of texts allowed under your plan.
    3. Internationally, WiFi can be a challenge, most are secure connects.  I’d recommend traveling with a wireless router like TRENDnet which can connect many different devices.  One challenge is that in some hotels after a certain period of time, they boot you off and you have to accept the terms again.  With a wireless router, you only have to authentic once.

    Dominique: When you are booking travel for business what do you care about?
    Stephanie: For me, hotel and hotel amenities, total travel time, and where I’m connecting are VERY important. Connecting in Minneapolis or Chicago in February, for example,  is NOT a good idea.

    Dominique: What tips would you give any traveler?
     The biggest thing I can recommend is to focus on trying to relieve stress:

    1. Have a process at the airport you frequent –  for example, consider parking in the same spot every time you travel
    2. Maintain a travel list of things you always want to include in your baggage – for me, a candle helps make things more comfortable and relaxing.
    3. Pick hotels that have amenities you like – examples could include an exercise room or a fridge in your room.
    4. Pre-research how to get from point A to point B – learning before you get there will relieve some of the stress of travel.
    5. Uber in Paris is a great service – cash is not required, and not needing cash makes international travel easier.

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