• Using CWT To Go for personal travel

    Just remember this screen. Forward your itinerary emails to plans@cwttogo.com.

    Just remember this screen and forward your confirmation emails to plans@cwttogo.com.

    Patrick Coleman
    Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s mobile travel app, CWT To Go, automatically pulls in trips that were made using CWT. But if you have other trips or pieces of your trip made outside of a booking tool, you can still manage those with our app.

    There’s plenty of reasons why you could have a trip, or part of a trip, that wasn’t booked that way and wasn’t automatically captured by the app. A few come to mind:

    • You have to book a hotel for a conference on a separate website
    • You’re adding a personal day to your business trip
    • You’re creating an entirely new personal trip
    • You booked a business trip outside the tool (hey, it happens)

    CWT To Go has you covered with all of those, and it’s really simple. Just forward your itinerary or confirmation emails to plans@cwttogo.com and it will read them for you to add to your trip, or create a new trip.

    There’s one key point to remember with personal travel, however: You must forward those messages from the email address that you use to book business travel. If, like me, you use a separate email address to book your personal travel, you’ll have to forward that email twice: once from your personal email to your work address and again from there to plans@cwttogo.com. Otherwise, the app doesn’t know how to recognize you.

    That might be one more step, but you get access to everything CWT To Go offers, including the flight alerts. That’s a feature that you have to pay for in other apps. Click (or tap) the icons or scan them with a QR code reader to download the one appropriate to your mobile device, remembering that message data and rates may apply.

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    Patrick Coleman tweets for CWT at @CWTAmericas.

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  1. Pam Timewell says:

    I booked apersonal trip to Washington DC already. I’ve also made resevations at the Embassy Suites in Alexandria. If I re book through you, does your price beat the AAA discount? I’m not even sure if you can book at this hotel. Thanks.

  2. Patrick Coleman Patrick Coleman says:

    I can’t really give you specifics on that but from the standpoint of using the app, you can forward that reservation confirmation email from your CWT To Go-registered email to plans@cwttogo.com and it will show up in the app for you.

    Booking hotels directly through the app is new functionality that is coming!

    If you’re flying into Dulles, here are some airport tips:

    And here’s Michelle Hamilton’s city guide: http://www.cwtsavvytraveler.com/2013/04/a-capital-experience-washington-d-c/

  3. Ms. A says:


    I would like to know the steps that need to be taken once the reservation/itinerary has been received. Does the traveler need to click a link in order to post it to their calendar? I am their assistant and receive a copy of their itinerary (well because I have made the reservations). Just trying to see how it works with Outlook their calendar vs. my calendar, etc. Please outline the process once they receive the itinerary. Thanks much!!!

    • Patrick Coleman Patrick Coleman says:

      Ms. A: Thanks for your comment. So, let me just make sure I understand what you’re asking.

      For a trip booked through CWT, you’ve received the itinerary email. It should also go to the CWT To Go app at that time. (In fact, sometimes I’ve gotten the alert on the app before getting the email.) So is the question then about how it syncs to the calendar?