• Safety videos: Your exits are here, here and here …

    Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting puppets from 1980s sitcoms.

    Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting puppet characters from 1980s sitcoms.

    Chloe Couchman
    For the savvy traveler among us – you’ve probably lost count of the times you’ve heard or seen airline safety videos. But these videos are critically important and getting travelers to remember the safety information could ultimately save lives. But how do airlines strike the balance between getting safety information across to passengers while bringing their brand alive?

    Three airlines which caught my attention on my recent business trips and who seem to be getting that perfect balance are Virgin America, Delta and Air New Zealand. These guys are going way beyond the usual procedures and processes and giving us performances!

    As well as being captivating all three are doing a fabulous job of bringing a sense of their brand to life, too.

    On my recent Delta flight, I was clapping my hands in delight to see the 1980s-themed safety video. Complete with a cameo from puppet Alf the Alien, a member of the cabin crew struggling to get his life jacket on over his Flock of Seagulls hairstyle and numerous pairs of leg warmers – this was one safety video I wanted to rewind on my VCR and watch again!

    Virgin America’s effort is an all singing, all dancing affair, complete with dancing nuns, acrobatic leaps and catchy theme tunes for ‘buckling-up.’ The Virgin America brand values – stylish, friendly and humorous – really come through.

    Air New Zealand in 2012, had the brilliant idea of taking a well-known and globally renowned film franchise – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (filmed in New Zealand) – to create ‘An Unexpected Briefing.’ The result showed you don’t need celebrities (although the cameo from director Peter Jackson is brilliant) to bring important information to colorful life!

    All of these videos really allow the airlines’ brand personalities to come through and are definitely more engaging and memorable than the rigid safety cartoons from the past. I look forward to buckling up and seeing what’s in store on future flights.

    What’s your favorite airline safety video? Tell us (and post the link) in the comments below!

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