• The seat selection battle: Aisle or window seat?

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    bigstockphoto_Airplane_Ready_For_Flying_Wai_535519It’s the battle of the seat selection, and we want to hear from you! Given the choice, do you prefer window, middle, or aisle seats when you fly?

    We did an internal poll of CWT employees and one thing was clear — nobody wants the middle seat. (Big surprise, right?) About 43% of respondents went with window seat, 33% preferred aisle seats, 22% said it depends on the situation, and about 1% said they don’t care.

    “I prefer a window seat for the view, the ability to rest my head against the corner, nobody climbing over me to get out, and no bruised elbows, knees or feet from the beverage cart. Also, when tucked away in a window seat, conversations started by “chatty” row mates are reduced.” – Christine Collins, Sr. Program Manager

    “Claustrophobic …have to have an aisle seat!” – Kelly Schoenfeld, Program Manager

    “Depends. Short haul: aisle or window. Long haul: a window for the ability to take photographs and watch the world go by!” – Elliott Arluck, Sr. Program Manager

    “I’m a weirdo in which I don’t care what seat. What I do prefer is NOT to be on the back of the bus. So the part of the plane I’m on is important!” – Dominique Betancourt, Program Engineering Manager

    So, which seat do you prefer? Enter your selection into the poll below, and then defend your seat choice in the comments section.


    Safe travels!


4 Responsesso far.

  1. Bob says:

    Exit aisle, at 6’6″ I need the leg room.

  2. Marilyn Owen says:

    I prefer the window, but 75% of the time I travel with my husband and guess where I get stuck – MIDDLE! Hate that seat. Always seems like the person next to me doesn’t understand they have one seat, not two.

  3. nina says:

    I prefer the aisle seat so that I can access the restroom and overhead bin easier

  4. Will says:

    Aisle seat. I can’t sleep on a plane worth a darn, at least not in coach, so there is little use for the window for me.