• My PreCheck application experience

    Patrick Coleman
    On a recent trip out of Minneapolis, I walked past the TSA PreCheck application center and decided it was time. I fly 8-10 times per year and I’ve read enough about PreCheck on this blog and elsewhere that I knew it would improve my travel experience.

    No photos allowed inside the application center, but this is what one looks like from the outside.

    The process couldn’t have been easier, even though I didn’t have an appointment. I had my passport with me, which was all the identification I needed, and even though there was one other walk-in person in front of me, I still only had to wait about 10 minutes to be seen.

    The appointment itself only took about 10 minutes as well. They check your ID, ask a few background check-type questions, scan your fingerprints and take your $85. It was even simpler than I thought it would be.

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    Of course, your wait time as a walk-in may vary, and you can also make an appointment. There are plenty of application centers that are not at airports. Even if an airport is your only choice, you don’t need to be a ticketed passenger to get through security as long as you have an appointment.

    Even if your company won’t pay the $85, this service is definitely worth $17 a year for five years. Even for someone like me who only flies a few times a year.

    There’s plenty more about TSA PreCheck on the CWT Savvy Traveler blog, but a couple of the highlights are posted in the box at right.

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