• The future of business travel: Three key trends

    From the desk of Nick Vournakis ...

    From the desk of Nick Vournakis …

    CWT’s Nick Vournakis recently participated in a Business Travel News webinar addressing managed travel with a consumer mindset. To kick off the discussion, he addressed three trends that he believes are driving the future of business travel.

    Digital: Think about the last time you purchased something without interfacing with a human being. This was likely only in the very recent past. We as people have become accustomed to interacting in a digital space, and business travelers expect the same.

    Connectivity: There is a prediction that by the year 2020, an average household will have up to 50 Internet-connected devices, which means that everything with an on/off switch will be considered a smart device. This presents an opportunity to further integrate the business travel experience, bringing ease of use to the traveler. For instance, imagine if a booking tool automatically pre-populated the search function based on your Outlook calendar.

    Managing Travel with a Consumer Mindset:
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    Personalization: Our environment is becoming more and more personalized, which is possible thanks to big data. Travel management companies have a wealth of data at their fingertips, from traveler loyalties to purchase history, which can be put to use to better service travelers and provide them with services they want.

    Do these trends resonate with you? What other trends are having an impact on the business travel industry?

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  1. Bob A. says:

    Fifty devices? Far cry from the seven we have now. Can’t wait for the fridge that will tell me we’re out of milk and the thermostat that I can turn down remotely and … what will the smart light bulbs do?