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    arrivals-largeWhether we realize it or not, the thoughts we think are in many ways creating our experiences. How helpful to you are the thoughts you think when you travel for business?

    Does this sound like you? “Ohmygod I’m gonna be so late.” “I just know the airport is going to be a zoo.” “Why doesn’t everyone get out of my way?” “I bet I forgot something.” “Ugh, traffic is terrible.” And so on. And so on.

    This habit of our minds to jump from thought to thought in a never-ending loop is sometimes called monkey mind. Like a restless monkey, our mind moves from branch to branch, thought to thought, never resting. But even monkeys need a rest, and so does your mind.

    Today I’d like to suggest a new thought you might try on your next business trip:

    “I have already arrived.”

    “I have already arrived” means there is nothing you need to place in front of you to chase after. You are simply here. The conditions for your happiness are already sufficient.

    This is easy enough to understand conceptually; the trick is to train yourself to think and behave this way when you are walking in, for example, a crowded airport. You might say:

    “Walking through the airport, I know I have already arrived.”

    Let’s try saying that together:

    “Walking through the airport, I know I have already arrived.”

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    You might even shorten it to:

    Airport, arrived.
    Airport, arrived.

    Perhaps we might inwardly say something similar at every point along the journey:

    • While packing …
    • On the way to the airport …
    • While walking to our gate …
    • As we settle in for the flight …
    • In the cab on the way to the hotel …
    • Before our big business meeting …

    “I have already arrived,” is a kind thought. It acknowledges that we are already here, now, and do not need to wait for any other condition to be present for us to be happy or to grant “legitimacy” to ourselves.

    Yes, you are on your way from City A to City B. But with a slight shift in emphasis – the realization that you are on your way from City A to City B – the entire journey can be more enjoyable.

    After all, peace is every step.

    Your friend,


    The Mindful Business Traveler

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