• Airplane mode: It’s not just for airplanes


    Patrick Coleman
    The airplane mode setting on mobile devices is certainly familiar to us travelers as the one you use while in flight. In many countries, this also is now valid for takeoff and landing rather than powering the device off entirely.

    But airplane mode has some other valid uses as well. And some of them are related to travel. A post this week on Gizmodo has a few reasons why airplane mode works on the ground and each of them works on the road as well.

    When I’m on the road, I find my phone battery always drains faster than it does at home. That’s because it’s not connected to its preferred networks, wifi connections are harder to come by and I generally need the phone more for email, directions, and the like. If I can only sneak a few minutes of charging time in the car or at my gate, dropping the phone into airplane mode will recharge the battery much faster because it’s not checking my email and all of the other functions a mobile does on a regular basis.

    I recommend an even more drastic approach to saving battery on the plane, and that’s turning the phone off entirely. If I’m in coach, I just save the battery.

    A lot of the ways to save a mobile device’s battery power are similar to tips for saving laptop battery power I wrote about last October, such as shutting down bluetooth, removing external cards and the like.

    What other battery-saving tips do you recommend?


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