• Getting out of the path of the storm


    CWT teams in place
    erm-team-aEvacuates to San Antonio before storm; provides remote service while storm impacts Houston
    erm-team-bRemains in Houston; continues service until Team A is up and running
    erm-team-cHome-based outside Houston and not impacted by storm; provides continual backup service as needed

    The hurricane season is underway in North America. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects a season that’s slightly below average in the Atlantic Ocean (8-13 named tropical storms, 3-6 hurricanes) and one that’s slightly above average in the Eastern Pacific (14-20 named tropical storms, 7-11 hurricanes).

    Because of the impact on travel, especially travel for energy, resources and marine clients whose business is in remote areas, often on the water, CWT Energy, Resources and Marine takes special notice of the hurricane season. Those who live in Houston, Texas, know it’s only a matter of time before the next hurricane hits. CWT Energy, Resources & Marine is transforming this recurrent challenge into an opportunity to ensure uninterrupted service for the many clients serviced by CWT ERM personnel based in the Houston area. An updated and improved evacuation plan has been extensively tested, and is ready and waiting to be activated in advance of the next big storm.

    What makes this plan different? A group of 30 CWT ERM travel professionals who have volunteered to proactively evacuate themselves and their families several days in advance of a hurricane. They relocate from Houston to CWT’s San Antonio office, ready to resume service before the storm hits, and their colleagues ensure continual coverage during the transition.

    While clients don’t have access to their dedicated travel counselors during the hurricane, they are guaranteed constant service from experts in energy travel who are passionate about taking care of them – so much so that they’ve temporarily relocated to do it.

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