• If your travelers have status, you pay more

    CWT ViewPoint - Traveler Loyalty Programs

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    Have you ever made a travel decision based on the miles or points you could earn from your purchase? Traveler loyalty programs are enticing, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you said yes.

    The most recent CWT ViewPointTraveler Loyalty Programs – from the CWT Solutions Group takes a closer look at this trend – evaluating how loyalty to a supplier may have an impact on the decisions travelers make, and the prices they (and your company) pay. An analysis conducted by CWT Solutions Group found that as a traveler’s status increases within a loyalty program, so does their average ticket price. 

    There are a number of actions travel managers can take to measure the effectiveness of their current travel program, identify where traveler loyalty may be having an impact on it, and respond/reinforce/adjust accordingly. Check out the full CWT ViewPoint for details.

    The good news for travel managers is that loyalty isn’t the only determining factor in traveler decisions. In a series of recent polls conducted here on the CWT Savvy Traveler blog, we found that while loyalty to a supplier may contribute to a traveler’s choices, they’re also motivated by flight time, hotel location, rental car types, travel policy, and overall, price, price, price. With a strong travel policy, effective supplier relationships, and good communication with the traveling population, travel managers can build a travel program that benefits both their travelers and their business.

    Read the CWT ViewPoint or contact the CWT Solutions Group for additional information.

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