• Tech, innovation help CWT provide service

    John Pelant
    finger-person-mapTravelers need usable, engaging and mobile technology solutions, ones that fulfill their needs and provide them with reliable, timely and accurate information when they are on the go.

    Having a solid IT infrastructure in place enables a company to rapidly develop for today’s customer expectations while remaining flexible enough to innovate in a way that is responsive to their customer’s needs.

    At CWT, we believe that to provide high-level customer support in the digital age, service and technology need to be much more interconnected than they have been. That is why we are taking control of our digital destiny, taking ownership of the IT infrastructure, building a strong foundation and blueprint for the future that will allow for rapid development of products and services that support the unique needs of customers.

    We envision a future where business travelers have one point of access for their journey that aligns with their corporate travel policy, ultimately allowing our customers to hit their bottom line.

    To dig even more deeply into this topic from an IT perspective, check out my piece on pp. 20-21 of this month’s CIO Review magazine.

    John Pelant is Vice President, Information Technology, for CWT Americas.

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