• Effective social media platforms for events

    insight-effetive-social-mediaThe world of social media never stands still. Visitors are sharing their opinions, photos, and videos of your event and chatting across a growing number of channels.

    Here are five ways to turn up the volume on your event communications and keep in touch with your audience:

    #hashtag today

    Pick a hashtag and include it on all your marketing and signage material. It allows you to follow and respond to conversations for improved customer service. After the event, hashtags provide analysis on influence, amplification and reach. Make sure your hashtag is short, to encourage use, and unique, to eliminate confusion and improve measurement.

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Imagine what video could do …

    Short hashtagged clips posted to Vine and Instagram are great ways to bring your event to life. If someone’s posting video, they’re most likely having a great experience. Allow visitors to post their video and images to a dedicated event page on Facebook. With other people Liking and commenting, it builds community and brand loyalty.

    Community spirit

    LinkedIn may not be as nimble as Twitter for getting the conversation started, but its strength lies in building business communities within groups that can then be targeted with event information and ticket offers. By encouraging in-group discussions, you’ll keep the community growing and engaged.

    Join the blogosphere

    Live blogging allows for a mix of content to be published in real time during an event. Speed is the crux here – although more in-depth content can be timed to appear – and sites such as Tumblr and WordPress can be populated in the run-up to the big day. After an event, a social media aggregating site, such as Storify, can help you easily bring in many pieces of content to tell your story.

    Stars of (event) stage and screen

    Live-streaming has become an integral part of events, with easy-to-access, affordable providers like Ustream and Livestream being popular. YouTube also offers live streaming as well, plus you can use the platform to create a video profile page focused on your business, which viewers can subscribe to for the latest updates.

    From the CWT Meetings & Events UK & Ireland team.

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