• Getting the most out of GBTA: On the ground

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    For the sake of your feet, ankles and calves, bring comfortable shoes to wear during the day.

    For the sake of your feet, ankles and calves, bring comfortable shoes to wear during the day.

    We asked some CWT Savvy Traveler bloggers and other past GBTA attendees their take on 10 ways to get the most out of the GBTA convention. We already published the top ways to prepare for the convention. Here’s what our experts recommend you do while you’re there.

    These tips are great advice for any large convention.

    While you’re there

      • According to Marty Silverberg via LinkedIn, the first-timer’s reception is a must. It’ll give you an overview of the convention and tell you what you can expect. Silverberg mentions that it’s always an entertaining experience, so if it’s your first year — be sure not to miss it!


      • Like all large conventions, you may have difficulty finding a place to charge your mobile devices. CWT’s Patrick Coleman suggests you consider getting an external battery to charge your phone or tablet on the fly. A Google search for “portable cell phone battery charger” will bring up plenty of possibilities, but look for one as lightweight as possible. Also, make note of the conference wifi (info in the GBTA app), but make sure your mobile data plan has data available since it’s hard to provide perfect coverage in a large venue.


    10 ways to get the most out of the GBTA convention

    Before you go
    On the ground
    After the convention

      • Arguably the best piece of advice past attendees want to give other attendees: Be prepared to walk — a lot! Know how far your hotel is from the convention center and nearby restaurants; and how far all the booths you want to visit are from one another. Sure it’s just a single expo floor — but all the back and forth will add up! CWT’s Stephanie DeNote suggests bringing different pairs of shoes, stating that wearing various types of shoes throughout the convention helps prevent blisters.


      • DeNote also advises on something that is easy to forget about during the busy days of GBTA: Drink lots of water! It’s summer and you’re going to be in Los Angeles, so water will be crucial to staying healthy and fresh.


    • While the conference is three full days, CWT’s Nick Vournakis suggests to make sure you get your business done on Monday and Tuesday. Come Wednesday, fewer people are left to connect with.

    Those are the things that are best done in Los Angeles. But the benefits of attending the convention don’t end when the convention ends. To see our top tips for making the most out of the GBTA Convention after it’s all over, click to move on.

    Get the most out of GBTA: After the convention

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