• In Germany, they have robot valets

    serva transport systems GmbH photo

    serva transport systems GmbH photo

    Patrick Coleman
    Here’s a thought for you as you go into the weekend: Your car could be valet parked by a robot.

    Now, we’re not talking about Google parking your car, at least not yet. And it’s not a robot sliding in behind the wheel of your car and driving it to a parking spot. What happens is your car gets lifted slightly onto a platform that drives itself to a parking spot.

    One advantage I see is that even if the robot were to bump into something, the car seems pretty safely set back from the edge of the platform.

    The service is available at Düsseldorf airport in Germany and costs 29 euros a day (approximately $39.50) for the privilege. According to the airport website, you drive the car into one of their “futuristischen Übergabeboxen” (futuristic transfer boxes), the car gets scanned to get its precise dimensions and it is then ferried to a parking space.

    Upon your return to Düsseldorf, your car will be brought out to you automatically, based on the flight details provided at the time of booking.

    This might be a little pricey, but hey, it’s the future. Would you pay for the privilege?

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