• New requirement: Must be able to power up devices

    Hand holding an iPhone

    You may be asked to turn on your mobile in order to bring it on a flight bound for the U.S. or Canada.

    In addition to the change in security screening procedures for airline passengers coming into the U.S. that we reported on last week, a new requirement was announced this weekend: Passengers may be asked to power on their electronic devices before boarding their flights.

    “Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft,” the Transportation Security Agency notes in a news release issued Sunday, July 6. “The traveler may also undergo additional screening.”

    Transport Canada, the Canadian transportation security agency, has adopted these measures as well for flights heading to Canada.

    This joins the previously announced additional security measures taking place at select overseas airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa that instructed officials to increase screening of mobile devices and shoes.

    A Reuters reported noted that iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones were specifically mentioned.

    Although we often advise travelers to make sure their devices are fully charged before leaving for the airport, this emphasizes the importance, as passengers may not be allowed to board with a mobile device that can’t power on.

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