• Will wearable tech change the travel experience?

    Dominique Betancourt
    An iWatch concept image created by Todd Hamilton. Not a prototype.

    An iWatch concept image created by Todd Hamilton.
    Not a prototype.

    With the popularity of healthcare wearable technology such as FitBit and Nike Fuelband, wearable technology is here to stay. Wearable technology that could benefit travelers include the watches or the glasses that have recently come on the scene.

    You have all the same players — Samsung, Google, Apple — with Samsung really taking the lead with Galaxy Gear and of course Google Glass making the biggest splash. There are significant benefits to travelers in this space as we rely heavily upon our devices from weather information to gate changes to general “where to go.” Having those devices even more accessible, means they may be part of the early adopters.

    Two kinds of devices

    Watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, would be ideal for travelers easier access to simple information and have a battery life that lasts longer the most phones.  Apple of course will debut its version, the iWatch, in the coming months, although precisely when has yet to be announced and even today there is new speculation production could be delayed. Whenever it arrives, it touts more comfort and a flexible screen which will be sure to wow consumers.

    Google Glass on the other hand presents a clear benefit to travelers with access to apps and information with a blink of an eye! The software, on the other hand, is what really sets this apart.  Apps are the name of the game with travelers and consumers. The Google Play store has the most apps built so far for these types of device, although with mixed reviews.

    Good thing, bad thing? As a traveler, imagine being able to explore an airport for what you need with a simple voice command or just looking at a terminal. Imagine your watch buzzing that your flight is delayed, or directions to your client meeting within your eyesight? Plus the ability to explore new cities more seamlessly and maybe make business travel a little more enjoyable.

    You decide …

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  1. Jonathan says:

    thanks Dominique for the article. In addition to the above, wearable tech will not only improve the way travelers access information, but also for travel suppliers (airlines, airports, hotels car etc…) to engage them more effectively. Trends are pointing to personalized service and engagement, and these channels will open up ways for suppliers to do just that.

  2. Maribel Reyes says:

    I strongly believe it will make traveling easier, when traveling it is common to rely on web services such as check-in to your flight it would be fantastic to do this through a wearable and just using it to access your flight. Convenience is key nowadays.