• Five things to consider when planning group travel

    group-travelWhat could be better than delegates enjoying a smooth and stress-free journey while your plans result in savings and tighter security for your event? Here are some tips from the CWT Meetings & Events UK & Ireland team.

    Your company’s needs

    How flexible do you need to be to change flights, increase baggage allowances or make sure that certain delegates are seated together? Perhaps you’re keen to make cost savings? Group air travel gives you greater flexibility and can reduce costs by up to 30% compared with standard bookings.

    Relationships with airlines

    With advertised fares in the public domain seeming too good to be true, can group travel really compete? Strong agency-airline relationships can make the difference between a solution that meets your bespoke needs and one that will end up incurring higher costs down the line.

    A dedicated group travel planner

    Is it worth having someone embedded in your project team, or will a dedicated single point of contact be sufficient? A group air planner embedded into the event project team, who is involved in the planning process from the very start, can be especially helpful for very large groups.

    Travel policy for internal events

    Do your employees know what is expected of them when arranging travel for an event? A clear policy and good communication will help ensure delegates attending an internal event are engaged with the group travel plan. It is essential to get buy-in to avoid delegates racking up penalties on standard flights, for changes or excess baggage.

    Safety and security

    Do you have a risk management plan in place? Knowing what should happen in a range of worst case scenarios means that you’ll always be calm and prepared.

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  1. John Pierpoint says:

    In regard to considering group air travel – most corporations have travel policies in place which prohibit travel on the same flight by all members of a project team or department. This is for obvious security & safety reasons.