• TSA cutting off PreCheck freebies

    Security checkpointFor months, TSA has been giving U.S. travelers a free pass to use the PreCheck lanes even if they have not registered, paid the fee or been approved.

    This policy has served a few purposes; for example, it has been good marketing for the service and has helped relieve congestion in the regular security lanes. However, it has also put a bunch of passengers into the PreCheck lanes without instruction or an understanding of what they need to do, and it has slowed down the access that trusted travelers have paid for.

    If you’ve ever been stuck behind a traveler who takes off his or her shoes and removes their laptop computer from their bag while in the PreCheck lanes, you’ll be happy to know that policy is going away. That’s what Transportation Security Administration administrator John Pistole told Joe Sharkey of the New York Times recently.

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    More than 400,000 travelers have paid to enroll in PreCheck to date, according to the article. As a reminder, the basics: You pay an $85 fee to be enrolled for five years. Travelers must go through the TSA PreCheck application process at one of hundreds of locations, including many airports.

    If the application is successful, travelers receive a Known Traveler Number, which they can add to their travel profiles to ensure that they have a chance to receive PreCheck screening for any particular trip.

    And the disclaimer: Being enrolled in PreCheck is not a guarantee you would sail through security every time, because the TSA will still employ randomness as a security measure. 

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  1. Rjimlad says:

    I paid $ 100 for Global entry, which I think is the full title of the program.
    This is great for the TSA pre inside the USA but even better when traveling Internationally. You can breeze through main gateway airports faster than the US citizen line and completely automated, using a terminal for passport check, ID and customs form.
    I think the service is well thought out and delivered, but as you would hope the checks for being included are stringent and may not be to everyones liking.

  2. CG says:

    It is only worth the fee if you are travelling out of the country as it is used to quickly get thru customs upon re-entry. Seldom does having this allow you to go thru the pre-check lane as selection is random via the airline carrier.