• Summer time ending in Europe, most of Mexico

    Map of European time zones from timeanddate.com.

    Map of European time zones from timeanddate.com.

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    Clocks in Europe and most of Mexico will fall back one hour on Sunday morning, Oct. 26, meaning that for one week, the time difference between those countries and the U.S. and Canada will be offset by one less hour.

    This potentially makes it easier for everyone to get together on the phone, but we recommend you double-check the times of your cross-continent conference calls for next week. For large, multi-national corporations, the time of the call may have shifted depending on who created the calendar entry. You may find calls that used to be back-to-back now overlap next week.

    The U.S. and Canada will switch to winter/standard time the following Sunday, Nov. 2. A couple of cities in northern Mexico will do so as well, and details can be found using the great resource at Timeanddate.com.

    This also marks the last time that Russia will observe Daylight Savings time. They will remain on Standard Time next summer.