• Introducing CWT’s innovation team

    cwt-corpi-blog-ipad-800x800Today at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, we introduced a new team with the goal of furthering innovation at CWT and in corporate travel.

    This group will manage CWT’s innovation portfolio, including a dedicated innovation fund which will be used to steer future partnerships, projects and ideas. The team is led by Vincent Lebunetel, vice president, Corporate Innovation, and includes Gregoire Boutin and Santiago Vallejo.

    “I’m delighted to be leading the CWT Corp-i team and working with every business department and function across the CWT global network, as well as the huge number of potential external partners in our ecosystem,” said Lebunetel. “We look forward to generating and fostering new ideas, and inventing for the future together.”

    Here’s more about the team, including how you can connect with them through social media and learn more about innovation at CWT.

    vincent-lebunetel-250x250Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter

    Vincent Lebunetel

    Vice president, corporate innovation

    I manage the company’s portfolio of innovation projects with a specific fund. More generally, I’m responsible for promoting an innovation culture across our global organization, from developing a system for facilitating new ideas to making them happen.

    Based in: Paris, France
    Favorite innovation: the collaborative economy… and all the next innovations to come!
    Current aspiration: buy a rugby club
    Countries where I have lived and worked: China, France and Poland
    Hobbies: rugby, running, advising start-ups, gastronomy and spending time with my family

     gregoire-boutin-250x250Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter

    Gregoire Boutin

    Director, innovation management systems

    Coming from a consulting background, my focus at Corp-i is on creating a structured environment for new ideas to surface and go further. My role covers three main areas: managing innovation processes, keeping an inventory of CWT initiatives, and spreading the word inside and outside the company.

    Based in: Paris, France
    Favorite innovations: hybrid technology, 3D printing and commercial space flights
    Current aspiration: touring all the main wine-growing regions worldwide
    Countries where I have lived and worked: France, Germany and the United States
    Hobbies: tennis, wine tasting and traveling

     santiago-vallejo-250x250Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter

    Santiago Vallejo

    Manager, open innovation

    I am in charge of engaging and building relationships with partners outside CWT: business incubators and accelerators, start-ups, government and academic institutions, and other stakeholders in the innovation community. I bring a background in customer experience management and process design.

    Based in: Minneapolis, United States
    Favorite innovations: biometrics and cloud computing
    Current aspiration: to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible in my lifetime (39 so far)
    Countries where I have lived and worked: Colombia, Ecuador and the United States
    Hobbies: all things tech, soccer, traveling, beer tasting and fantasy football

    Check out more about Innovation at CWT at www.cwtinnovation.com.