• Insider tips: What to do in Brussels

    emilie-buyleAre you planning to visit Brussels soon? Here are some insider tips about what to see and where to eat from Emilie Buyle of CWT Meetings & Events Benelux.


    Many people might be surprised with this tip, but I believe Toukoul restaurant is one of the best and most original restaurants in Brussels. Not only have the owners succeeded in providing a modern look for their Ethiopian restaurant, but the food is simply superb. Toukoul uses a concept where you get several dishes served on one single platter, so you eat together. Definitely for people who like to try something new!

    Forks and knives are not on the table. Here, you eat in the traditional way: with an injèra — a pancake made of millet, which is used as cutlery. Addis Ababa (Enjoy!).

    Lakensestraat 34, 1000, Brussel, Belgium

    Bar du Marché

    bar-du-marcheThis cocktail bar is located on the Place Flagey, next to the famous Café Belga. Bar du Marché is well known for its relaxed crowd and great performances and of course, its delicious cocktails!

    If all this hasn’t yet convinced you to visit this bar (with terrace), I can tell you that they have Happy Hour every day: on weekdays from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. and from Thursday to Saturday from 11 p.m. until midnight.

    Rue Alphonse De Witte 12, 1050 Brussel, Belgium

    Les filles

    A fresh, delicious and cheap restaurant in the center of Brussels? It really is possible! The concept of this restaurant is that ‘the girls’ serve you a whole (fixed) menu for only 25 EUR.

    Here you cannot book a table for two; you just join other people at the different big tables. Not only you get an appetizer and two starters, but after that you can enjoy a main course, cheese buffet and a dessert. If you’re in for good food, friendly service and a nice atmosphere, this is the place to be!

    Oude Graanmarkt 46, 1000 Brussel

    De marollen/Les marolles

    This is one of the oldest popular neighborhoods in Brussels. Here you’ll find two historical churches and the ‘Vossenplen,’ a square filled with cozy bars and a daily flea market.

    This area is perfect when you’re an antique-lover: you really don’t know which one to enter first!

    Saint Catherine Square and the Old Grain Market

    Brussels Old Market (Eupedia.com)

    Brussels Old Market (Eupedia.com)

    This neighborhood in the city centre is full of restaurants and bars. Not only will you find numerous terrace cafes, but also Brussels’ best fish restaurants and shops. So you’ll probably end up fighting for a spot at the bar tables to enjoy North Sea oysters. The Vlaamsesteenweg (Rue de Flandre) has made a spectacular comeback. Here you can enjoy Belgian cuisine at the restaurant ‘Viva m’boma,’ or at trendy newcomers such as ‘Selecto,’ and exotic cuisines such as at the Malagasy restaurant ‘Madagasikara.’

    Viva m’boma
    Rue de Flandre 17, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

    Rue de Flandre 95, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

    Rue de Flandre 10, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

    What are your tips for Brussels?