• Reviewing the reviewers: How travelers get rated


    CWT Savvy Traveler
    Any truly savvy traveler already knows how and when to rate a hotel, an airline or ground transportation. Most suppliers have their own proprietary feedback and ratings mechanisms in place and there are many more public ways for any customer to make his or her feelings known, whether through Yelp or social media or other platforms.

    But with increasing frequency, the service providers themselves are rating the customers, as a piece in the New York Times points out.

    The trend is most prominent with services that are part of the sharing economy, such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft.

    Travelers should be aware that they are being rated, and those ratings may affect their ability to use the service in the future. If a passenger for Uber or Lyft gets too low of a rating from a driver, that driver won’t be asked to pick them up again.

    Those are generally kept internal, but Airbnb reviews are public, allowing hosts to check out a guest before that person can stay in his or her home.


    You may not be aware that these services, and others such as restaurants using the OpenTable system for reservations, or hotels, may be keeping notes and a profile on you as a customer. Check out the full piece for more information.

    Meanwhile, travelers should also read the privacy policies for these and similar services, to see how their information is being used. Some links (correct as of publication of this post):