• Look for latest in connectivity at CES

    The savvy traveler will be interested in news coming out of CES. (CES file photo)

    The savvy traveler will be interested in news coming out of CES. (CES file photo)

    Matt Pekarek
    Welcome to 2015! As the dust settles from the whirlwind of the holidays, thousands will descend on Las Vegas to check out what’s new and what’s next for consumer technology. This week the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show will feature the latest offerings from more than 3,500 exhibitors — everything from the latest in entertainment to the sleekest in mobility.

    But apart from all the sweet cacophony of what will be coming for the new year, what does this mean for travelers? Until all is revealed, the specifics are yet to be seen. However, there are two trends for this year that the savviest of travelers will want to note.

    The “Internet of Things.” If you’re not familiar with this term, be prepared to hear and see it everywhere. The “Internet of Things” (“IoT” for brevity fans) is the buzzy term given to the connectivity of common items beyond laptops, smartphones and tablets. From your refrigerator to your washing machine, your security system to your coffeemaker, companies are looking to make it easier to connect your home and office to the world. For travelers, this means being able to control the things in your home AWAY from home via apps. We’ve already seen this degree of hyperconnectivity from GE’s Link lighting system and Google’s Nest thermostat — more clues to the future are coming.

    To follow the CES in real time, go to cesweb,org or follow the #CES2015 hashtag on Twitter.

    To follow the CES in real time, go to cesweb.org or follow the #CES2015 hashtag on Twitter.

    Connectivity on the road. In the not-so-distant past, it would have been bizarre for a car company to take up shop at CES. This year, at least 10 of the major automakers will be showing off the latest in connected car technology. Under the hood and on the dashboard, today’s cars are becoming dynamic pieces of self-contained and accessible technology. Fingerprint locks and smartwatch control are already on the docket. What else will this year have in store? We dug this article from Bloomberg for their take.

    After the show, we’ll be back with our favorite new technology for travelers. In the meantime, what are you most excited to see? What do you want us to check out? Let us know in the comments!