• Making the most of Schiphol Airport

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport entrance (Photo by Cjh1452000)

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport entrance (Photo by Cjh1452000)

    Stopovers have never been more enjoyable than at Schiphol Airport: shopping opportunities, dining, a casino and park as well as many other unique facilities.

    The fairy tale of Schiphol all began in September 1916. Back then the location served as a military base, with barracks and a field as a runway. Four years later civil aircraft started to use the field. Bit by bit it grew to become the Schiphol we know today, the enormous fun airport that makes you hope for a longer stop over. Here are some of Schiphol’s highlights:

    Panorama terrace
    Visit the Panorama Terrace and imagine you are on the set of Top Gun watching the planes taking off into the horizon. It offers stunning views of the planes taking off and landing, and the surrounding area. There are also restaurants and a display of a Fokker 100 aircraft on the roof. Here you can inspect and unravel the history of the biggest aircraft ever produced by Fokker, the Netherlands’ most famous aircraft manufacturer.

    Holland casino
    It is easy to pass your time at the airport in Holland Casino. Both entertaining and relaxing why not try your hand at Black Jack or the slot machines. Who knows, it might be well worth the visit if you win back the cost of your flight.

    There are quiet passenger lounges where it is possible to actually relax between flights.

    There are quiet passenger lounges where it is possible to actually relax between flights.

    Peaceful airport lounges
    Time flies while taking in all the exciting things to see and do at the airport. But sometimes you just want to avoid the crowded terminals and relax, whether you have a tiring journey behind you or have a long flight waiting. The lounges at Schiphol are the perfect place to wait, with comfortable seats and a calm environment to enjoy refreshments or work in away from the bustle of the surrounding airport.

    Revitalizing park and café
    You normally don’t associate crowded and busy airports with green and tranquil parks. But at Schiphol anything can happen. The revitalizing waiting space at The Airport Park offer a big lounge created as an artificial landscape with green walls, rustic, natural-inspired furniture, nature sounds and live trees. And let’s not forget the virtual butterflies projected onto the ground. The indoor park includes a café, retail shop and an outdoor terrace. It is also a great place to recharge your cell phone. Just be prepared to work for it, as you have to ride a stationary bike to provide the energy.

    Content from the Radisson Blu blog

    Content from the Radisson Blu blog

    Tour behind the scenes
    Schiphol is almost like a small city on its own, operating 24/7. So much is happening that there is actually a Behind the Scenes Bus Tour which lets you see what goes on in and around this fascinating airport, including a tour of the fire station, de-icing fleet and the airport hangars. The tour takes little more than an hour.

    If you have more than five hours transit time, it is possible to join a sightseeing bus tour from Schiphol. It will take you to the historic center of Amsterdam and back again in time for your flight.

    These are just a taste of what you can see and do at the airport. In addition, you can also find express spas, various shopping opportunities, massage chairs, shower rooms, an airport library and all sorts of cafés and restaurants. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the ultimate chocolate experience at the Café Chocolate in Lounge 1. For a longer stop over at the airport, the Radisson Blu Hotel Airport, Schiphol offers 279 comfortable and modern rooms or suites. With a gym, sauna, steam cabin and a selection of body treatments you have the best possible start or end to your trip, just 20 minutes away from exciting Amsterdam.

    What Schiphol experience would you recommend?

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  1. Patrick Coleman Patrick Coleman says:

    I definitely needed the quiet respite for a few minutes in a passenger lounge like the one pictured above. Great airport that made me feel alright about not having a direct flight from MSP to CDG. :)

  2. Barbara says:

    Nice to read this enthousiastic article about my hometown airport! Another attraction worth mentioning is Rijksmuseum Schiphol, a special airport version from the museum in the city of Amsterdam. Travelers can visit exhibitions without leaving the airport!