• What’s new with your travel policy?

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    Dear travelers,

    Have you booked or taken any business trips yet this year? If so, did you find that your company’s travel policy has changed for 2015?

    Don’t forget, it’s always wise to check the most current version of your travel policy (generally posted on your company’s intranet or travel portal) before planning your trip – there may be pre-trip approvals necessary for some trips, or you might need to double-check the expense guidelines for areas such as meals and ground transportation. Do you need receipts for everything or just items over a certain amount?

    It’s also important to make sure you’re booking with your company’s preferred suppliers to ensure your organization is getting the best value possible. New agreements could go into effect at any time, but Jan. 1 is always a possible start date.

    Please take a moment to participate in our short poll to tell us about any policy changes you’re seeing this year.

    Safe travels!