• Marketing hotels with wicked-fast wi-fi

    One of these devices is more likely to be used than the other but both require fast connectivity. (Getty Images)

    One of these devices is more likely to be used than the other but both require fast connectivity. (Getty Images)

    Tanya Weets
    It’s a new day. One where you wake up to a generation that never sleeps. And with that comes an overly caffeinated, hyperconnected audience ready to snap up anything new to cross their paths.

    So when it comes to booking business travel and namely, hotels, what do you think matters most to young professionals in this digital age of distraction? A chance to relax in a comfortable bed? Sure. Delicious food? Of course. Maybe a hot bath with extra bubbles? Most definitely! But what you’ll find topping the list of hotel amenities in 2015 can be stated in one succinct phrase … wicked-fast wireless.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Millennials will be the largest generation representing 45% of those in the workforce in 2015.” And with more Millennials perched in one place on their phones, tablets and laptops, you’ll see wi-fi networks upping download speeds and bolstering bandwidth to handle the ever-increasing demand for digital.

    But what does all this have to do with the greater world of hospitality marketing? Everything.

    Everything’s coming up mobile

    Brand confidence today is built by creating better web and digital experiences for your users, and this translates directly to how business travelers will use their mobile devices when reaching their travel destinations. What’s the first thing you do upon landing at the airport? Check your phone, grab your bags and head off to your hotel.

    Devices are becoming the main marketing attraction. This year, travelers will have even more mobile options with personalized emails offering features like text check-ins and the ability to order items from the front desk via mobile. This feature, mobile concierge, will allow guests to even request conveniences like fresh towels delivered right to their door.

    Another mobile trend taking shape is complimentary digital newspapers and magazines served up to hotel guests on mobile through the hotel’s complimentary wi-fi. Now that’s hospitality – enhanced.  It’s that personalized touch that will push brands to the top of the heap and create better “moments.” Plus, any experience that makes getting what you need quick and convenient is a huge plus.

    Offers that know where you are

    How cool would it be to feel like your hotel company really knows you as an individual – one that understands your interests, your tastes, and all that goes with having an amazing hotel experience? That’s where geolocation marketing comes in.

    The great part about geolocation is that it’s fairly simple. Using the hotel zip code as a starting point, any traveler searching to book a hotel will be paired with web advertisements or pay-per-click (PPC) internet offerings. And any traveler that books a hotel will immediately receive emailed coupons, matching their hotel location with targeted entertainment and local events.

    Today, the savvy traveler is seeking out new experiences, more adventure in their travel downtime and using their hotel location as a jumping off point. So the next step of geolocation marketing offers a wide range of options for the experience-focused, cost-conscious business traveler. A trend in hotel marketing that will only grow stronger as more and more brands up their mobile game.

    Social awareness

    In 2015, social media marketing has become more important than ever. You’ve probably seen messaging with creative content, pictures and video followed by shortened links on Twitter or Facebook. Shortening the link is a great way to get more messaging for your marketing mile in a small amount of space. But what many don’t know is that it’s also a great way to collect data from your branded content.

    This form of digital interaction offers hotels, or any industry for that matter, an easy way to create deep linking, giving your branded content more connections back to your website while adding another way to track customers. This activity, in turn, gives hotel marketers better insight and a better way to build audience-targeted ads next time around. Even more reason for your individual brands to push content to different social media channels, send emails out to your current list of subscribers and help do the work of “locating” interested customers and sales leads.

    On a continuum

    Today, the desire for digital conveniences will outweigh any other marketing initiatives and hotel amenities. Catering to a constantly connected consumer is the name of the game, and in order to fit with this marketing shift to mobile, hotels are going to follow suit increasingly becoming more digital to find and keep users that are now leaning toward leaving the laptop altogether.

    Hotel marketing will also start to see a rise in mobile and app use for more than just checking email. You’ll find guests clicking the “buy now” button with redemption of email promotions and taking advantage of more e-commerce conveniences.

    This year you’ll notice the never-ending stream of business travelers, of all ages, who don’t just want the fastest wi-fi money can buy, they actually need it.  With a main focus of travel companies on the comfort and happiness of their business traveler, fast and free wi-fi is not just a trend but a business necessity. So you can see the need for lightning-fast Internet is sure to continue to be in high demand.