• Four apps to help you find a food truck

    (Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns)

    A food truck can provide a unique eating experience while maintaining the quick service business travelers are looking for.(Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns)

    Dominique Betancourt
    Anyone that knows me, even just a little, knows I love food trucks.

    Food trucks allow for new culinary creations to emerge from some of the most unlikely of cooks, and you don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate that.  It has exploded over the years through social media, where food truck owners use Twitter to gain followers for their food and to get the word out as to where they are literally parked that day.

    Most big cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, L.A. have large “fleets” of food trucks but so do some unlikely places like Murfreesboro, Tenn., and the Ballston and Rosslyn areas of Arlington, Va. Plus there is a wide variety of culinary options – from standards like tacos and burgers, to fusions of Korean BBQ & Mexican, and a host of dessert options.

    Food trucks offer a great alternative to the fast food or quick service restaurant that is a traveler’s typical go-to. They can always be found via Twitter or try out the below apps that may be helpful in finding some options close to you:

    nyc-truck-food4. NYCTruckFood
    This particularly app covers just one city, although it is a large one with a lot of food trucks. However, there are also “flavors” of this app which cover Austin, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C.

    Available on iOS only.

    food-truck-finder3. Food Truck Finder
    Features turn-by-turn directions to get you to your chosen food truck, plus it allows you to rate each truck and see its menu.

    Available on Android for now, but check back, because this version is relatively new.

    eat-st2. Eat St.
    The Eat St. app supports the Cooking Channel show by the same name. You can set up a profile with the app and customize your preferences to making searching for your preferred style of cuisine easier.

    Available on iOS and Android.

    roaming-hunger1. Roaming Hunger
    Roaming Hunger delivers a list of food trucks in a specific area that you select, and you can separate them out by food types and hours.

    Available on iOS and Android.

    Unique experiences stand out and can help break up that stressful on the road routine.  Plus there is a bit of camaraderie among food truck folks and a chance to get to know some of the locals.

    Each truck will stand out and is circling the block at your next destination …