• Getting the Most Out of the GBTA: 5 ways to rock the conference

    It’s finally here. You’ve done your pre-conference planning. Now that you’ve got your feet on shutterstock_287051891convention ground, we know you want to make the most of every minute. Here are five tips to make sure this is your best GBTA yet.

    • Get business done early. While the conference is a full three days, try to get business out of the way on Monday and Tuesday. On the last day, there will be fewer people around to connect with.
    • Be prepared to walk. Between walking around the convention, walking to your hotel and more. It may not seem like much, but after a full day it adds up and can take a toll on your feet. Trying bringing a different pair of shoes with you during the day. Switching up your footwear can help prevent blisters.
    • Drink up. Remember when we said you’d be walking a lot? That means you should probably drink a lot of water, too. Also, it’s summer (in Orlando, FL!), so staying hydrated in the heat helps you stay refreshed and healthy.
    • First-timers orientation. If you’re new to the GBTA, be sure to attend the first-timer’s reception. It will give you a convention overview and clue you in on what to expect.
    • Charge smart. At any convention, an available electrical outlet is more valuable than gold. Be prepared and bring an external battery to power your phone or tablet. Be sure you’re linked to the conference’s wifi, but coverage can be tricky in a large venue so be sure you have data available on your plan.

    Now have fun, learn and connect with some great people! We’ll be back with some tips for capitalizing on everything you’ve experienced at GBTA after the conference.