• Taking a tour of business travel trends

    What do mobile, customization, new booking and payment methods and the sharing economy have in common?

    They’re the five trends that are changing corporate travel as we know it! Jennifer Green, part of the team behind our study, Faster, smarter, better?, will be telling you more about each of the trends in detail in the coming weeks. Today, I wanted to share some of what, for me, are the most exciting things we’re seeing:


    92% of travel managers expect mobile to impact their program in the next five years (if it hasn’t already). But data privacy and security are the top concerns for travelers and travel managers using mobile, so companies need to make sure they have a comprehensive plan in place to keep data under (virtual) lock and key.


    Travelers’ desire for a faster, more convenient service is probably the most exciting trend we’re seeing right now. 87% of travel managers think customized offers will have a positive effect on traveler satisfaction. And customization means travel managers will get more insight into their travel program than ever before, so everybody wins!

    Sharing economy:

    The sharing economy is here to stay, but with safety and security top of mind for travelers (27% for ground and 29% for accommodation), providers will need to work closely with companies to ease concerns.

    New booking methods:

    At the moment, new booking methods are focused on fare tracking and trip disruption; saving money and giving travelers some of that convenience they crave. With more booking options and information on offer, it’s no wonder 81% of travel managers told us they expect an impact within five years.

    New payment solutions:

    New payment solutions are focused on savings and 69% of travel managers expect virtual payment to impact their travel programs in the next five years. But watch this space – Apple and Google are developing new ways to pay, and where consumer trends go, business travel isn’t so far behind.

    What do you think is going to impact business travel most? Where do you see the big change? Share your comments below.


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  1. Andy Erhard says:

    The “millenials” and following them Gen Z which have started working lately or will do so within the next few years will have quite a different approach to what they expect and require from work and their employer. Also their focus on a true work life balance and the willingness or non-willingness for that matter to commit lots of their time and resource to work is changing significantly.
    With business travel being more of a stress factor to them rather than a status symbol their eagerness to spend lots of hours, days, weeks travelling will not be that strong. Companies have to address this in the way they handle business travel and how this can be a factor to attract the right employees.
    A less rigid travel policy could be one step, but simply allowing business class to all travelers won’t do the trick. This will more be about empowering the employee to decide whether they have to/want to travel or not, providing them with a choice of alternatives to travel which they can choose from, allowing to mix business travel and private time, by giving the opportunity to extend business trips and/or having family joining them.
    The overlap of leisure offerings (Airbnb, etc.) with business travel will be a major impact in the coming years and it will be more and more complex to make a distinction between private and business trips, especially when it comes to data and reporting. The TMCs might therefore be challenged to provide a holistic offering that includes both, business and private services so the traveler will have the one stop shop services they expect.