• Eight ways CWT To Go keeps travelers in the know, on the go

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    According to Statista, more than 102m apps have been downloaded worldwide. There’s no denying apps have become part of our everyday lives, storing the information and pushing the data that makes our lives easier. When traveling, they can provide a lifeline to a weary traveler on the move.

    Getting the right information on the go is crucial, particularly for a business traveler focused on an important meeting. With so many potential pain points, the team at Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has highlighted just some of the ways travel apps can help a business traveler in need.

    Pain point #1

    You’re traveling to a new city. You have no idea what it’s like, and you’re not familiar with any of the hotels in the area.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    CWT To Go can tell you which hotels your colleagues have stayed at and which are in your company’s travel program, saving you time and, in some cases, money.

    Pain point #2

    Your hectic schedule means while you booked your flight well in advance, you forgot to book your hotel at the same time.

    Now it’s only two days before your trip.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    You’re not alone – 38% of CWT To Go hotel bookings are made the day before or the day of travel. Now, you can book company preferred hotels quickly using CWT To Go, and the app will even remind you to do it – there’s one less thing to remember!

    Pain point #3

    With a very early start, you realize you left your itinerary on your work desk.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    You don’t need it! All your travel details have automatically saved in CWT To Go and synced with your diary.

    Pain point #4

    Your meeting ran late and you’re rushing to catch your flight. You forgot to check in online and the queue at the airport is frustratingly long.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    Check in with CWT To Go! The app helps with check-in on over 250 airlines worldwide and it will even pre-populate your details, saving you time and hassle.

    Pain point #5

    You arrive at your hotel and realize you’ve forgotten your hotel loyalty card.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    Your loyalty numbers are safely stored on your traveler profile and synced to the app for easy access.

    Pain point #6

    You’re in a new country and after the first dinner of the trip hosting your client, you’re not sure about if or what to tip.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    Just check the tip calculator – which tells you the suggested tip for a restaurant or a taxi.

    Pain point #7

    The meal you’re buying seems expensive – but you can’t remember how much that means in your own currency.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    Easy – you just use the app’s currency convertor, telling you straight away what it equates to in your own country currency.

    Pain point #8

    Its awful weather and you worry your flight might get canceled.

    Here’s how CWT To Go can help:

    The app tells you if your early evening flight is delayed, so you can carry on working, safe in the knowledge that you will get the latest and most up-to-date notifications as soon as your airline operator issues them. You can even use the app to share the delay with your family so they knew when to expect you home.

    Bottom line: travel apps keep you in the know, on the go, and instead of downloading one app to solve each problem, CWT To Go can solve them all. Don’t just take our word for it; ask one of CWT To Go’s registered users (more than 500,000 and growing):

    “I travel about 20 times a year, so this app has been perfect for helping me manage my trips. I like that I am able to see up-to-date info without turning on my corporate laptop!” Apple App Store review