• 5 reasons your travelers need CWT Trip Disruption Services

    Close your eyes. Imagine being stuck at an airport for hours on end only to find out that your flight is cancelled and you have to sleep overnight at the airport. Talk about a nightmare.cancelled2

    You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, so why do you allow it to happen to your travelers? Trip disruptions account for a loss of valuable time, productivity and add stress that can make for a very unhappy and cranky traveler.

    When a traveler encounters a disruption — late flights, cancellations, diverted flights and missed connections — travelers are in a world of hurt. Here are five reasons Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s latest offering, CWT Trip Disruption Services (CWT TDS), is something your travelers can’t live without.

    1. Peace of mind: You double check your doors and locks when you leave your home. Why not give the same amount of assurance when it comes to your travelers? We know you are looking after your travelers, but CWT TDS can serve as a safety net in case of unforeseen disruptions.
    2. Don’t miss a beat: In case of disruptions such as weather delays, mechanical issues or unforeseen events, CWT TDS helps you stay connected to your travelers even when their itineraries change without advance knowledge. Just think of CWT TDS as a resource who can deliver you insider knowledge.
    3. Decrease stress: Your job is to help control costs and risks. But unfortunately, you can’t control unexpected disruptions like the weather. When travel disruptions occur, travelers feel stress about making alternate plans, which may have adverse effect on their health and well-being, along with their productivity on the road. By subscribing to CWT TDS, take the stress away from your travelers and put it in CWT’s capable hands.
    4. Maximize productivity: Did you know that business travelers on average lose about 6.9 hours per trip of productive and stress-free time? [i] If a traveler’s flight is cancelled, instead of running around the airport trying to find a seat on the next available plane, your traveler can relax, grab a coffee and get some work done. CWT TDS can do the running around for your traveler.
    5. Save money through traveler satisfaction: You know that that cancellation and rebooking fees can quickly add up. Not only will CWT TDS help you save on those costs, studies show that the loss of quality, absenteeism and turnover resulting from employee stress may represent between 1 percent and 3.5 percent of the GDP of an industrialized country.[ii] A satisfied business traveler stays with a company longer, leading to lower turnover rate. Talk about a good business investment.

    CWT knowsshutterstock_129823343 that there is no such thing as a perfect trip. But the expert counselors at CWT TDS will do their best to provide prompt customer support. So travel to wherever the road (or airplane) takes you, and CWT TDS will take care of the rest.

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