• Mobcon 2015 – the Digitization of Business Travel Gets Personal

    One of these devices is more likely to be used than the other but both require fast connectivity. (Getty Images)

    One of these devices is more likely to be used than the other but both require fast connectivity. (Getty Images)

    CWT’s Amy Ludwig will be speaking at MobCon U.S. in Minneapolis today. Before the event, Amy and a few other women taking part in the conference spoke with the team at Minnesota Business Magazine. You can read the article in full here, but here are Amy’s thoughts on personalization in corporate travel, and where business travel technology is going next:

    What’s one point you’d like to get across at MobCon?
    The world of business travel is continuing to change rapidly, and the influence of consumer-facing trends such as digital and personalization are at the very heart of it. I’m going to take attendees on a whistle-stop tour of how the corporate travel industry is embracing the hyper-connected traveler on-the-go (who wants access to their information anytime, anywhere).

    What are upcoming trends in the mobile technology industry?
    Key developments in the mobile arena include multichannel technology, “power apps”, near-field communication and beacon and wearable technologies. These trends are not only dominating the mobile industry but the managed travel discussions we’re having too. Travelers are not only better equipped but better connected and able to take advantage of constantly evolving mobile travel services.

    To what extent is the technology field open to women as leaders?
    I think it’s wide open and full of opportunities, especially in the business travel technology arena. CWT is actually one of the founding members of Women in the Travel Industry (WINiT) and at the annual WINiT summit this year, many of the discussions touched on technology and its uses. It was great to hear the range of new advances, apps and entrepreneurial businesses being created by women — all of whom are passionate about technology.

    How has technology revolutionized travel? And what’s next?
    Over the past decade, travel management companies (TMCs) have shifted from simply providing travel options to developing personalized travel solutions. This demand has come from a new generation of tech-savvy travelers. “What’s next” is the big question, and we see a number of themes that are important to the future of business travel, from omnichannel bookings, to on-point personalization, digital wallets with virtual credit cards, embedded biotech and invisible security. But bigger than all of these is how our home/work-life worlds will merge seamlessly together.

    More to come on Amy’s Mobcon U.S. session soon – watch this space!