• A Power App is the Key to Business Travel Success


    This week, I’m talking mobile technology, “your world in your hand”, and the business travel app of the future. In today’s post – power apps and why they’re important.

    Yesterday, I talked about mobile technology changing corporate travel. I asked how you would help travelers find a consistent experience while sticking to company policy about downloading apps.

    I promised to give you my suggestion, and here it is: a power app.

    Users don’t just want to see their itineraries on their phone. They want to do everything in the same app, from checking destination information to booking flights and hotels. In fact, our research suggests mobile will be used for around 25 percent of all corporate online bookings in 2017.

    That’s why we’ve introduced hotel booking in CWT to Go, and will soon offer air and ground booking too. Hotel booking is one area where travelers have already shown us through their booking behavior that they want a convenient – and this is important -compliant way to book their next trip.

    Do you already use a power app for your business travel? Would you like to use one?