• Where Next for Mobile?

    This week, I’m talking mobile technology, “your world in your hand”, and the business travel app of the future. In this concluding post – what companies need to have in place now to make the most of mobile technology.

    The launch of wearable devices like Apple Watch and the rise of beacon technology are paving the way for new traveler services. Examples include keyless hotel room entry, contactless mobile payment, and safety and security alerts based on geolocalized events.

    It’s too early to be precise about the impact these trends will have on managed travel. But we’re still the same person whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, so we should be in no doubt about what is coming very soon.

    So what can companies do to embrace the mobile revolution?

    • If you don’t have a mobile travel policy, develop one now; your travel management company (TMC) can help.
    • Implement a TMC app to help travelers avoid app overload and keep to policy and make sure people use it. CWT To Go is a great example.
    • Ensure travelers have a compatible smartphone, secured for work.
    • Keep a very close eye on mobile developments, like wearable devices and mobile payment.

    How is your company using mobile technology for business travel? Tell me in the comments.